Camp Cardboard

@ Bradfield Dungworth 18.06.12

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by Mr Bailey

Here is a slideshow of the brilliant photographs taken by Class 4 during the day, using the Instagram app on the ipads and ipod touches.

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by Mr Bailey

Take a look at our stop-frame video of the whole day.

This second video includes the stop-fame video, but also tells the story of the day from Class four’s point of view, including some of their photos and the slides we used to support us with our work in class. [Now updated with voices of the children from the class.]

Cardboard world.

by cardboardbds


Camp cardboard is a cardboard world that you can build anything you want and everyone takes place I be made a haunted house!!!!the result is extremely good!

Super Camp cardboard !!!!

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is a place made out of cardboard. It is a big city we have a maze a hunted house and a cottage. We all helped to build it It is massif I got stuck in the maze we were going to make it a big tunnel.I builed the maze and I got stuck! I was lolling.

The whole school helped build y3 started the camp y2 and us then reception and y1. We all loved the camp I just loved today.

I expanded the hunted house I didn’t want to.I wanted to to make a big tunnel in the maze.

Y3 have made most of it they made the frame of the camp.y2 did the out side of the camp all of the other class’s did in side.

The camp looks so good out side and in side.I can’t bleve how much it has changed .


Cardboard chaos

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is were you build a small camp out of cardboard.
You do camp cardboard in 3 groups of five or six.
I have built a roof on a maze in camp cardboard.
The offer classes built a maze and haunted house and some dark tunnels.


Cardboard camp madness

by cardboardbds

Broke 1 wall on axidont on my own made 1 tunnel on my own and made a roof on a maze

Campcardbord is a camp we made out of cardboard

Everyone in the school was involved

Y1 wer last and wrecked it as if it was thare own playground … … Ow no


Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

This morning camp cardboard began. Camp card bored is we’re you billed a camp out of card bored
boxes. It is really fun. You have to be careful because Today we had a amazing day doing camp cardboard, camp cardboard is a big building or stuff like that made out of cardboard. Camp cardboard make a city made from cardboard boxes you can make anything you want. This was also helped the pictures and writing on the iPads and iPods by sheffield Hallam university by bringing some iPods in, what happens in camp cardboard is that the first class made some buildings including mazes and tunnels but then all the other classes joined on to it. Involved is all the classes and people from the university. We made windows by breaking out some blocks and putting some blocks on the top.

The other classes have done pretty much the same but they can keep changing stuff from what the other people have done. They sometimes take apart some of the camp.

By Rowan!!!


Amazing Camp Cardboard

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is where you get loads of cardboard boxes and you build whatever you like. All of our school took part in building the adventure. I built a roof on to the maze so it would make it more exciting because it was were you could walk round it. And it still is but it is more exciting and it is a bit more darker and bigger and better. Year six did a ghosts house where it was pitch black and it was really good but then people changed it. Amazingly when it was finished it looked outstanding. I saw a amazing maze, a spooky ghosts house, loads of tunnels and a holiday house. I heard other people talking about there plan. I enjoyed building it the most.


Camp carbord

by cardboardbds

Today they were some people in from camp cardboard they helped us make a card board kingdom .all the classes took part it was class 2 first and class 1 last. At the end it was amazing they was a haunted house a tv and even a car!


Camping in Cardboard

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is basically an event that involves building a structure, for example, a haunted house, a haunted maze, or just a normal, non-haunted holiday cottage. The people involved are lots of different schoolchildren that like building things like this structure here that we built. Our group did a roof on the maze to make it a haunted maze which the class after us enjoyed playing in, as all the other classes will hopefully enjoy it too! We didn’t do an unmissable amount, but with the amount of time we had, which was about 10 minutes, we did quite a lot, as the maze was almost 1/3 of the hall, and about 1/2 of the camp! When we arrived to start building, we saw a massive cardboard mania waiting to take us on, like a mouse against an elephant! It was massive compared to us!


Creating camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

On the Monday 18th June 2012 we took part in camp cardboard. Camp cardboard is where you get in to groups of five and then you
are aloud to get some ideas by looking round what years 3,5,6 and 2 had done. Then you are aloud to start to build your cardboard stuff.

Its not just class four doing it it the whole school doing it.
First to do it was year three then two then five then six the us ,class four, then reception then finally year one.



Interview by Seren

by cardboardbds

I spoke to Danielle who said.”I think that camp card board is great and I would love to do it again!”


Colossal camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

This morning the whole school started a project called camp cardboard. Two people came in ( timm and Sam cleasby ) and brought hundreds of flat cardboard boxes. They took each year group into the school hall, told us the rules and said don’t run about a thousand times then told us how to make the boxes ( they were flat). After we made the boxes, we looked round what the other years have done then we finally started. All you have to make is rooms and tunnels and whatever you can think of.

This is ecologically friendly because Tim said that the boxes we are using now are 16 years old! It’s recycling! We took part because the teachers thought it would be different and fun. The thing I enjoyed the most was making the haunted house. We saw lots of old cardboard boxes and we heard lots of chattering and people dropping boxes.


Camp cardboard creators by Seren

by cardboardbds


Today,Monday 18th June 2012 five people ,two from Sheffield university,Nicky and Anna,one is Nicky’s son called Joe and then there is the people that helped us called Timm and Sam Cleasby were here to help us do something called camp cardboard .camp cardboard is a camp made from cardboard boxes that all the school has made.Also we all had a turn at building up the camp .My year group did some windows ( that got destroyed by the y6’s) and we also did a bar (that also got destroyed by y6 as well).

The rest of the school did a haunted house lots of rooms.I think it will do really well.

Camp cardboard fair

by cardboardbds

Camp card board is a fun activity that involves making house, haunted houses,mazes and lots of over stuff.


Fun In Camp Cardboard!

by cardboardbds


On Monday 18th June Year Five went over to the hall and there we met the people from Responsible Fishing who were there to tell us about building a cardboard camp. When we got there we were split up in to teams. Me and Abigail were in a team with Ellie, George, Callum and Joseph.

After a few minutes of explaining what to do we were allowed into the cardboard camp. When we got in we had a look around and we saw everything that the other classes had built. Once we’d had a look around we went into a spare piece of space and started to build the walls of our room. Once all of the walls had been built, we started on the inside. We built a bar and a successful dining room with a door to the bar, we made the bar by piling boxes in a line sideways and then Joseph found some cardboard placemats witch we put on the bar table. We also built a cabinet into the wall witch we kept stuff in. Then right at the end I found some white sheets of thin cardboard wich we used for the floors and rugs we also made little chairs out of boxes to put around the bar we had a really good time making our camp it was very exiting and fun!

Camp carbord

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is fun for Kid and adults is god for party. I got a lot of cardboard and helped make a hounded hose it was fun it was god mi ferns and it fun .


Cardboard mania goes big!!!

by cardboardbds

At Dungworth primary school a building project was placed in a huge hall what we call Bradfield green hall it is amazing to learn more look on
A man called Tim and a lady called Sam talked about safety then we were off are group had to make an extend to the haunted house but did not work out but we got there so that’s okay time flys you know when you have fun!!!


The Cardboard camp

by cardboardbds

Today the 18 June 2012. Everyone helped build camp cardboard it had a haunted house and a maze what was attached to a tunnel. Each class created a small area of the incredible cardboard camp. It was creative and fun. Everyone had a small part in this brilliant box kingdom. Every one really enjoyed it and it looked really creative we all. Made it up in are mind and after each class had done a little bit every one added a little bit and it started to look life like.The cardboard camp had many,many twists and turns its normal when you enter but then there’s a tunnel into a maze with a roof on one side and a haunted house on the other on the other side there’s a holiday house.
It was very fun as soon as it were are go I was just so excited.There is even a tv!


Fun with camp cardboard!!!

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is cardboard boxes pilled on top of each other. You can make all sort of stuff, you can make a giant house or a haunted house or something like that. It is a fun activity that the whole school can do and it involves making buildings with card can make different kind of cardboard buildings with card board boxes.we made tunnels, haunted house,mazes, and windows it had many many twists and turns in the maze and the haunted house really gave you a scare because we made a person out of cardboard boxes and it looked really lifelike.


Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is a super village of cardboard that you can billed. People have billet a maze and lots of different things.
There’s a horned house that is really dark.


Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

What is camp cardboard?

When you go to camp cardboard you have your own time to create what you wont .No idea is a bad idea .When you are making your room you always have to make sure all of your boxes are hand made. Everyone in your team has to work together or you will not finish in time you get 40 minutes to create and then the next class will come in and have there go so everyone will get a fair go each.

Who is involved?

All of the school takes part in the activity .


Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

First of all I started with an interview with Nicky before and after. Then we met the people they were called Timm and Sam. Next we were told what you should do if a pile of boxes were to fall on you. They told us that you should crouch down and put your hands on your head so that the boxes would land on you back not your head. Next we learnt how to make a cardboard box from a flatpeice of cardboard.


Camp Cardboard

by cardboardbds

Camp cardboard is a wondrous event that makes children to be creative and to use there imagination. It includes cardboard sheets that you can make into boxes or roofs with them.
The whole school did this event from years from reception to y6 meanwhile we really enjoyed this event.


Camping cardboard

by cardboardbds

Today we had a amazing day doing camp cardboard, camp cardboard is a big building or stuff like that made out of cardboard. Camp cardboard make a city made from cardboard boxes you can make anything you want. This was also helped the pictures and writing on the iPads and iPods by sheffield Hallam university by bringing some iPods in, what happens in camp cardboard is that the first class made some buildings including mazes and tunnels but then all the other classes joined on to it. Involved is all the classes and people from the university. We made windows by breaking out some blocks and putting some blocks on the top.

The other classes have done pretty much the same but they can keep changing stuff from what the other people have done.


Having fun in cardboard camp

by cardboardbds

Amazingly we explored to find faults to improve and we were in groups we solved the problems. Ryan Improved the structure by destroying the bad bits. Joe made a bar so people could drink cardboard. Class 6 destroyed the bar and in our opinion made it worse. I think it may be quite good. Joe and Ryan really enjoyed building stuff. I would really recommend this to other schools.



Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

In 2012,Monday 18th June, a company called Responsible fishing and two people called Timm and Sam Cleasby, and some people from Sheffield Hallam university to interview us called Nicky and it went good. Camp cardboard is where people come in and bring posts of cardboard box’s and you build big buildings like city’s,towns,prisons,and dungeons.


Cool camp card board

by cardboardbds

On the 18th of June 2012 every one in the school got to have round about 40 minutes. To build some of a sculpture our school sculpture was a to make a building it was a massive building.

Every class well year got to build some of the building we will have some of the good pictures on the blog soon.

Only year 4 got to report what happen on this amazing day.

We were put into teams to work in and we all worked very well together it were rely fun all the classes got a chance to have a go at building things like a hose a cottage a maze.

Many people think camp cardboard is fun and we all want to do it again our camp was colossal and we did a lot .

In camp card it was dark in some bits and light and it were great fun. My partner and I rely enjoy camp card board.

So give camp card a try it’s amazing every body enjoyed it and we all had fun its brilliant


Camp cardboard

by cardboardbds

First we go in the hall class by class and then the teachers tell us what to do then they tolled us all what there names were and there names were Sam the woman and tim the man they said to us what to do and what you shunt do then we went round and thought what to do they was helping a lot and if you think that is not about what is camp cardboard I will tell you well it is some thing were you get lots of cardboard and billed any thing

Well lots of people get together and billed any thing and I mean any thing it really is fun and great

Well I have done lots of things laky I have taken lots of things and billet a horrendous house it was real good fun

Well the class had 40 minutes and all of the class really liked it and they did a really big tumble

Well I think the results are going to be really good


All will be revealed…

by Mr Bailey

… shortly. Class 4 will be blogging very soon…